So a few weeks back I attend the Makeup For Ever Pro Road show in Boston, going there I knew they would try to sell me products, and being me I went there thinking I would only buy one thing…I bought several. The first was the flash palette. My only words on that unless you are a professional makeup artist, do not buy this item…alot of youtubers swear by it and it’s the secret in every makeup artist case, that said the youtubers have gotten it for free or for a discount and any professional has also gotten it for a discount. It is not worth the $100 retail, for that money you could just buy cream shadows and liners and be fine. I also bought their brush carrying caddy, and that is a dream product, I predict I will be getting another one in the future if I get more brushes. I also got two different powders from them the matte and the hd, along with some extra tools (a brush, sponge and palette).

Now the miracle product I picked up I bought in travel size only because I wanted to test them out before I bought full size, they are Makeup For Ever’s Mist & Fix and Makeup For Ever’s Sens’Eyes. The Mix & Fix is a spray you use on your entire face both before and after application, it’s clear and dries in seconds. It’s purpose is to make your makeup smudge proof. Now I use an eyelid primer like most beauty girls, it prevents creasing and makes my colors more vibrant but if I touch my eyes at all then my makeup comes off, not good when you wear glitter eye shadow. However once I started using this product not only did it help my shadows, blush and foundation (I use mineral) stay all day long in the humid air, but it also gave me the option of rubbing my tired eyes without my makeup smudging. I use it everyday I plan on being out for more that an hour and when I plan on being out at night. Mist & Fix literally made my eyes waterproof, nothing made them smudge.

The second product I mentioned was Makeup For ever’s Sens’Eyes, in few words it’s a makeup remover. That said I have used several makeup removers in my time and have never liked one as much as I do this one. With a small pump of the solution (about the size of a dime) I am able to get everything off my eyes, not only that but it’s the best product to use on waterproof makeup. Taking off my makeup now takes seconds instead of minutes, and when you are at class late every minute of sleep you can get is great. I also find that the product moisturizes my eyes when I use it.